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    Your DealerAbility website comes with easy-to-edit sliders pre-loaded with your OEM’s current promotions. ⇑


    What would you like to find today?

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     DealerAbility is the web solution package for all non-automotive dealers in Canada. Here’s why:

    Improve Your Bottom Line

    Tariffs have hurt every dealership we talk to.

    DealerAbility’s cost effective online dealer solution will help improve your bottom line.

    Contact us today to get the best price in the industry!

    Easy To Use

    We couldn’t call ourselves DealerAbility if ease of use wasn’t one of our main features.

    Drag and drop all elements. Editing text boxes and adding images have never been easier.

    Mobile editing environment. Now you can edit or create ads from your smartphone.

    Most Complete Ads Available

    We provide your dealership the exact quality and content of ads your manufactures have on their website.

    Including all Features, Stats, Videos and Promos!

    Keep your clients AND your OEMs happy by matching ads as close to 100% as possible.

    Up To Date Inventory

    We supply all your NEW INVENTORY ads and keep them up-to-date for you. You’ll never have to worry about old out of date inventory again.

    DealerAbility keeps track of each OEMs scheduled roll outs in our Update Tracker. This gives us a head start to be ready for all your seasonal inventory changes.

    We are Canadian

    Canadian owned, Canadian hosting for Canadian dealers at Canadian costs.

    DealerAbility uses the most environmentally friendly hosting in North America giving back 300% of the carbon footprint our data centres use.

    Ask us how.

    Promotions Kept Current

    Old promotions won’t attract new customers.

    DealerAbility  takes away the worry of out of date promotions.

    Your visitors will see and feel the full effect of your OEMS’ offer incentives.

    SEO and SEM Tools

    Take full control of your Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

    See how your page ranks on Google and use the tools to increase your search results.

    Easily link Google Webmaster Tools tracking codes and Google Ad Words for target marketing.

    Increase Your Leads

    Call-to-action (CTA) buttons lead to short submission forms to start your building your leads.

    All inventory pages have forms that are sent to your email AND stored on your website for easy access.

    Service appointments managed with our appointment scheduling tool to make sure you never loose track of a client.

    Email Included

    We provide seamless transfers with step-by-step instructions.

    Personal walk throughs, screen sharing and videos to view at anytime provide a “No Worry” experience.

    Includes support for setting up email on your smartphone.



    Below are inventory search filters, search bars, sample inventory display, featured adsphoto buttons and embedded youtube video.

    With your demo login you will have your own personal test page with all these features for you to edit and play with to see how easy and fun, yes fun, editing your DealerAbility website can be.

    Your personal login will include walk-through videos on how to:

    • Edit text and images on a page
    • Move sections around
    • Change Layout with Ease Without Loosing Content
    • Embed any Youtube.com movie with Ease
    • Create/Edit Categories and add them to Search Filters

    Search tools get your inventory sold faster  ⇓

    What would you like to find today?

    Find any toy for the road, water, dirt or trail using these filters:

    Sale Type
    Found: 77 Vehicles

    Search BARS are POWERFUL. They search all data within an ad for the term entered.

    Try searching “hitch” to see the results.

    All search bars are easy to create with a click of a button and easy to Drag-and-Drop anywhere on your page.

    Easily drag-and-drop these and many more features to any location on your webpage you want.

    “Photo buttons” get inventory sold faster  ⇓

    Easy to Build Photo Buttons


    Put your inventory pages front and centre for those who may not use the main menu for navigation.

    Those who are more visually oriented can’t miss seeing all the inventory categories you off.

    Very easy to upload images from your computer or mobile phone. Simple to update from computer or mobile phone.

    “Floating” background images are added with the click of a button.

    Clear icons with links keep customers happy ⇓

    Schedule Service

    Have clear navigation to the pages your clients are looking for.

    Set Up Service

    Lead clients to the pages that will help them and keep them satisfied.

    Free Diagnosis & Brake Checks

    Lots of icons to choose from and easily add to your webpages.

    Can can control the size, colour, and links to pages.

    Highest Rated Repair

    Get clients using your website as a communications portal that they can rely on.

    Certified Mechanics

    Display qualifications and services that might go un noticed.

    12 Month Warranty Service

    Display warranties and other offers to give your clients peace of mind.

    Add Icons to Help Steer Users to Help


    High quality icons for your dealership’s departments are easy to add and edit in DealerAbility websites.

    Satisfied customers being able to contact the correct staff via your website are less frustrated, spend more time on your website and will increase your leads and sales.

    Text size and font is fully editable. Icon size and colour is fully editable.

    Choose from over 200 icons, conveniently categorized. Simple search also helps find the icon you want.

    More icons added every few months! Requested icons are top priority so don’t be afraid to ask us for an icon if you don’t see it in our library.

    Embedded Youtube Movies Increase Google Ranking ⇓

    Click below to watch some boggin fun!!

    Embed Youtube.com Movies With Ease

    Google uses page visit time as a factor in how high your website will appear in searches.

    Having viewers spend time watching videos increases your page ranking.

    With a few clicks and a link to your youtube movie you can have your movie embedded on your DealerAbility website.